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Magnet Lifters

Magnet Lifter

The permanent magnetic lifter can be used in a variety of industries for the transportation and lifting of steel, engine parts, semi manufactured goods and moulds.

The magnetic lifters maximum lifting force is 3.5 times greater than the rated lifting capability.

No electricity is needed to operate the magnetic lifter. Once in operation, there is less than 1% residual magnetism

The simple switch and safety button design allows for one handed operation

Larger sizes are available, up to 6000 kg

How to determine the correct type of magnetic lifter:

The capacity of the lifting magnet is determined by the thickness and surface quality of the component.

Before operation, it is necessary to determine the percentage of the steel thickness or the component and capacity curve.

If the component’s surface roughness (Ra) is less than 6.3 um, the magnetic lifter surface gap will not exist and the lifter gap should be estimated.

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