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Raytoko Cranes 

We are the sole provider for GH Cranes in Southern Africa and Sub-Sahara and therefore provide, supply, install, maintain and service a wide variety of different types and sizes of cranes. Our wide range of products are offered to all industries and have been specifically designed with the principles of reliability, safety, durability, price and minimal maintenance.

We have quickly become one of the leading crane suppliers in the industry as the GH crane range is able to offer qualities that no other crane on the market is able to match. We take extreme pride in our partnership with GH Cranes and guarantee quality service both during the project and thereafter.

For the best quality cranes on the market and an after-sale-service that makes a difference call 011 914 5334 or email wayne@raytoko.co.za

Our Crane Product Range:

Crane Equipment. Crane Solution.

Bridge crane & EOT crane

gantry crane

Gantry crane

GH Kits

Crane kits

Overhead Cranes

Jib crane

Overhead Cranes

Cantilever crane


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