Why Should You Go with Raytoko for Your Lifting Equipment?

When it comes to crane equipment, it can be difficult to find a reliable supplier. Luckily, Raytoko Electrical and Mechanical is the right choice for you. We are a leading supplier of crane machinery and associated crane equipment. Alongside this, we also offer high-quality transmitters and receivers for them.

But, what makes us your ideal choice? How do we set ourselves apart as lifting equipment manufacturers and suppliers? It’s all thanks to a combination of different factors. We have experience, expertise, an eye for quality, unmatched customer service, and more! Read on to find out why we are a leading crane equipment supplier.

Crane Operator

Raytoko is a reliable supplier of cranes as well as associated equipment. We also value our clients, making us the ideal choice for you.

A Multi-Faceted Crane Equipment Supplier

Raytoko Electrical and Mechanical CC established operations in July of 1981. Since then, we have become a major manufacturer and supplier of crane machinery. We also offer a wide range of other products. Our complete offerings include:

  • Radio transmitters and receivers
  • A wide variety of cranes
  • Demag machinery and components
  • Hoists and spares
  • Importers of the quality GH brand from Spain. This includes cranes, kits, components, and spares
  • Cranes, equipment, and spares from many different makes, both new and used

Our range of operation is also nothing to scoff at. We are able to service most major areas of South Africa. Additionally, our credentials verify our status as leading lifting equipment suppliers:

  1. We are a registered LME (Lifting Machinery Entity)
  2. Raytoko is an employer of several LMIs (Lifting Machinery Inspectors)
  3. We are a registered electrical contractor

Experienced Experts in Crane Machinery and More

Our name is well-established as manufacturers and suppliers of lifting equipment. Our experience lies with crane machinery as well as transmitters and receivers. We also recognise the value of the digital era, and the advantages it provides. As such, we remain up to date with the very latest technology.

Raytoko’s experience and new technology have left a positive impression, too! To this day, we maintain strong, long-lasting relationships with decades old clients. As a result, they have associated themselves with us through our many years of service. If it’s crane equipment, transmitters and receivers, hoists, and more, we’re your people.

Diversity in the Market

Raytoko continues to offer excellent products and services to a wide-ranging market. From small industrial companies to massive mining ops, we’ve provided only the best. Friendly service and professional workmanship goes a long way in our work! If you need lifting equipment, look no further than Raytoko.

Over the years, we’ve also forged relationships with overseas suppliers. Names like GH Cranes, Powalift, and Tele-Radio make up some of our offerings. From them we also have sole distribution rights in South Africa and Sub-Sahara. Crane equipment, transmitters and receivers are things we do best.

Quality Manufacturers of Cranes as Well as Transmitters and Receivers

It’s all in the title. Our manufacturing division offers a unique combination of products and services. We can service overhead crane machinery, hoists, and other lifting machinery.

Raytoko also provides integrated solutions when it comes to conception, design, and manufacturing. Alongside this, we provide spare parts, supply, refurbishment, upgrade, and conversion services.

Crane Remote Control

Raytoko’s experience extends to a wide range of industries, as well as markets. We also remain competitive to this day, in part thanks to the diversity in our offerings.

Expertise in Special Projects

We also engage in special projects on part of the client involving lifting equipment. These will usually involve customised designs for unique challenges. We ensure their success through skilled workmanship, effective management, and excellent products.

Brands like Demag, Powalift, and GH have gone a long way towards providing these solutions. Combined with our own capabilities, we can provide lifting solutions for all capacities.

Excellent Customer Service

We offer a wide range of crane machinery, crane equipment, transmitters and receivers. It follows that our after-sales service department should back these products. Thus, we provide maintenance and repair services where necessary.

Knowing who we are, it’s easy to see why Raytoko is an obvious choice for your lifting needs. Have a project you need help with? Contact Us Today!